What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to reach out to the world and develop an online community that has your business at its center. Most importantly, each time your content is published and shared on a social media network is an opportunity to expand your brand and earn valuable links back to your website, boosting your sites authority.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased brand awareness through consistent, strategic social messages.
  • Encourages customers and prospects to develop a relationship with your business.
  • Verified Google+ Authorship increases your presence in the search results.
  • Social networks can be used to develop new leads.
  • Social networks can be used to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Engaging conversations can be directly managed with your social community.
  • Social networks allow engaging and interactive content capabilities.
  • Leaders in your business category are attracted to your social presence.

Why Hire A Social Media Marketing Professional?

Even though most social media networks are free to use, many businesses are waste hours of manpower trying to manage all of their social sites and gain zero in return. An effective social media marketing strategy requires specified, measurable goals, time, dedication, effort and creativity. People visiting social sites expect lively activity and consistent engagement or they won’t come back.

A Neglected or Inactive Social Media Page is Worse Than No Social Media Page.

What's Included in Social Media Marketing

Reputation Tracking

Our software tracks and monitors mentions of your company on social media.

Negative Mentions Alert!

Receive an email notification in the event of a negative social media mention.


We post articles, blogs, company news, promotions, offers, industry news and other engaging content to your social media profile.

Set Up

We set up basic Facebook and Twitter profiles. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)

Editorial Calendar

Establishes a schedule for your social media program. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)


We acknowledge those who engage with you on social media and those who share your social media posts. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)

Reaching Out

We follow and reach out to relevant groups and leaders in your industry. (Included in Interact and Community Plans)

Put Our Proven Methodology To Work For Your Business.

Let our team of analysts, developers, designers, skilled writers and content creators become your personal marketing team.