What is SEO News Marketing?

SEO requires persistent content marketing and ongoing updates of your website. Content marketing is a vital piece of SEO because it shapes your brand online, earns valuable links to your website and boosts your site’s authority. SEO News Marketing is a unique and powerful content marketing technique.

With typical SEO, topical content is written about your business category. The SEO News Marketing technique involves an entirely new concept and process in effective content marketing. We create for you, high demand content that is needed by high end publishers in our publishing partner network.

Each month, we create content for your business website that includes information, facts and figures developed for news stories. These high-in-demand news stories are requested by, and offered to, publishers in our publishing partner network.

Why is This So Effective?

Online news sites need high quality content that is unique and relevant to current event headlines, as well as news stories of a local nature. It is difficult for these news outlets to find reporters they can rely on to cover these valuable stories. The news outlets must have a reliable way of acquiring unique, relevant content for their readership. This is where we (together with you) excel like no other content provider.

Huge Advantage! For years, we have been developing unique personal relationships with independent, third party news outlets, many in the local news industry. We have a reputable, proven track record of providing high quality news stories and now, many news outlets rely on our content routinely.

Connecting Your Business to Respected News Outlets Through Our SEO News Marketing Service is Exactly What You Need in The SEO Environment of Today.

What's Included in SEO News Marketing

Content Marketing

Shares all forms of content with the right people in the right places. Unique, quality content earns links, showing search engines that yours is a website of authority.

Onsite Blog

Interesting facts are embedded in your onsite content, in preparation for use in content placed on our publishing partners’ websites.

Visual Asset

A custom featured image that references a fact in your onsite blog.

Press Release+

Submits company news and events to a press release site. Optional upgrade to Premium Press Release on PRWeb.

Featured News+

Connects your business to a timely news story and pitches article to online publishers.

Business Quote+

Places your quote in an industry-related, timely news story.

Article Syndication

Places articles on industry related websites.

Social Media Posting

Your content is posted on Twitter profiles that are related to your business niche. With your permission, we will post to your social media accounts as well.

Onsite Optimization

Optimizes your website for target keyword density, title tags, internal linking and rich snippet markup. Includes recommendations for overall website design.

Website Copy Edits

Adds target keywords to your existing web copy.

Conversion Optimization

Recommendations to improve conversion rate; includes setup of lead capture form on your website.

Google+ Authorship

Links your content to your Google+ profile.


Provides campaign results, including rankings and conversions.

$10 Phone Tracking Credit

Tracks phone calls from your online marketing campaigns. Complimentary $10 credit included in all SEO plans.

Social Media Add-On

Get a big discount on Social Media “Post Only” Plan. Call us for details.

Put Our Proven Methodology To Work For Your Business.

Let our team of analysts, developers, designers, skilled writers and content creators become your personal marketing team.