Save The Pumpkins Video Ad is a Good Example of Brand Optimization for Two Reasons

Season changes, holidays and various timely events happen throughout each year, and when they do, people tend to be on the same wavelength. For example: the smell of burning leaves and pumpkin pie signals that summer has ended, and winter is not far away. These are mental triggers that nearly everyone recognizes, and they present opportunities for you to promote your brand.

This video from Nabob Coffee is a good example of using a seasonal event for brand promotion. In this case, they inject some humor into the annual pumpkin harvest time as pumpkins and their related products begin to show up nationwide. The tagline, “Save the Pumpkins” plays on another recognized slogan like “Save the Whales”, which adds an additional opportunity to keep the Nabob Coffee brand on people’s minds.

Congratulations to Nabob Coffee for connecting their brand to a seasonal event and virtually hijacking a well-recognized slogan at the same time.

Advertising Agency: TAXI 2, Toronto
Executive Creative Director: Jeff MacEachern
Senior Art Director: Jason Kerr
Senior Copywriter: Marko Pandza
Production House: BENT
Director: Joshua Cox
Producer: Christine Michalejko
Tim Dini

Author of "Effective Marketing In The Digital Age". I help you discover modern marketing tools, techniques and strategies, and how to make them work in your business.

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