We perform thorough research and analysis before, during and after every marketing campaign. Without this, you're simply guessing at what will work for your business.

We monitor, track and fine tune your marketing campaigns and provide you with 100% access to your own online campaign dashboard. The dashboard monitors and tracks your rankings and organic search traffic, allowing us to fine-tune your campaign to achieve your goals.

Tuning includes optimizing your content for both your audience and the search engines. We use images, bulleted lists, section headings and other formatting that makes your content easy to read and visually appealing to your audience. We tune content for maximum results from search engines that scan web content for metadata and keyword themes.

Websiteologist SEO Tracking

Our world-class SEO software tracks the data that you need to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and improve conversion rates.

Key Tracking Features Include:

Key Benchmarks

View SEOmoz, Mozrank, root links and external link statistics all in one place on your dashboard. These are the key benchmarks to monitor for your website rankings.

RULE SEO Listen Key Benchmarks

Top Entry Pages

Track the web pages that are attracting the greatest number of visitors to your website. We highlight these dominant entrance pages so that we can optimize your campaign.

RULE SEO Listen Top Entry Pages

Non-Branded Traffic

Our non-branded organic traffic metric filters out visitors who already know your company by name (i.e. searched for your brand keywords) from those who found your website due to SEO.

RULE SEO Listen Non-Branded Traffic

Phone & Web Leads

Use our JavaScript phone number replacer to identify the source of the phone call and our web-to-lead form on your website for accurate campaign conversion monitoring.

RULE SEO Listen Phone & Web Leads

Websiteologist SEO Tuning

Our expert SEO analysts tune the content on the website and across the web so customers and search engines can find it.

Key Features of Tuning Include:

On-Site Tags

Promoting target keywords on your website in the Title Tag, URL, Alt text of Image, and other meta tags makes it easier for the search engines to find the site.

RULE SEO Listen On-Site Tags

Keyword Density

The measurement of how often a target keyword appears in text is known as density. Achieving proper and natural keyword density requires a very talented writer.

RULE SEO Listen Keyword Density

Authorship & Schema

Claiming ownership of pages and on-page markup enables search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results, helping users find the most relevant information.

RULE SEO Listen Authorship & Scheme

On-Site Implementation

Our experts recommend changes to make your website SEO friendly and improve the aesthetics of each page. Attractive images, clean formatting and concise writing make your website easy to find, navigate and read.

RULE SEO Listen On-Site Implementation

Put Our Proven Methodology To Work For Your Business.

Let our team of analysts, developers, designers, skilled writers and content creators become your personal marketing team.